Using McGuffey’s Primer and 1st Reader

 photo mcguffey_primer_lesson_1_cat.gif

I have one children who falls into this category right now and have several up and coming 🙂 so I’m laying out the plans now.

We will be utilizing McGuffey’s Primer and 1st Eclectic Reader – revised version (this is for children who know all their basic sounds and can decode short words according to these sounds “elementary” sounds).  Again, they can be purchased digitally at Dollar Homeschool and printed as needed or printed and bound.  You can also find free copies online with some searching, but the scan quality usually isn’t quite as good and some titles are difficult to find.  Buying them from a source such as Dollar Homeschool saves you time and ensures you are getting the best quality scanned documents available.

Every time a lessons is read the student will…

  • FIRST: Decode the pronunciation of the vocabulary words at the beginning of each lesson, calling attention to the phonetic markings.  Make flash cards of phonetic symbols that are introduced and drill for memorization.
  • SECOND: Talk about the meaning of the new words.
  • THIRD: Recite; Student reads aloud to mom.
  • FOURTH: Retell the story to mom in own words – talk about the lessons we can learn.

We will do one of the below per lesson on a rotating basis…

  • Select a portion for Copy-work (in the beginning lessons may be short enough to copy entirely).  Use as handwriting practice.
  • Dictation: Mom will read a sentence, which is to be written by the student and then corrected for punctuation and spelling errors.  Gradually increase the length of dictation.

I believe we will attempt 2-3 lessons a week at this point and each lesson should take approximately 15 min from my day and about 15-20 min from the student’s day.

What I hope to accomplish…

  • Phonics practice
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Increased comprehension
  • Practice in Handwriting and Attention to detail
  • Practice summarizing
  • Practice in proper punctuation & spelling
  • Exposure to moral truths

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