Debt Free To Do List

Remember the countdown?  Oh what fun!

Well, I’ve finally compiled the list so I can keep track of it a little easier.

Here is my (Almost) 100 things to do when I’m debt free.  I’ll cross them out as we go.

  • 100 – Jump up and down while smiling like an idiot
  • 99 – Praise God for all his goodness to us (this will be continual)
  • 98 – Call Dave Ramsey (we tried, but didn’t get through)
  • 97 – Fund the emergencies
  • 96 – Save up and take a paid for vacation
  • 95 – Go out to eat and celebrate with thanksgiving
  • 94 – Throw a “Credit Card Destruction” party
  • 93 – Take 3 months to serve the Lord internationally
  • 92 – Make a video of the moment we pay off our last debt
  • 91 – Pay it Forward – Help others to become debt free
  • 90 – Volunteer somewhere during the day on a weekday, every week
  • 89 – Make a new vow to remain debt free and write out a new budget
  • 88 – Choice to cut back on extra hours
  • 87 – Having options
  • 86 – Back to School (wow, this happened a lot sooner than we thought!)
  • 85 – Exploring my passions (Pastor Nate?)
  • 84 – Leave a legacy
  • 83 – Gain Weight
  • 82 – Buy a House
  • 81 – Set up a Monument
  • 80 – Buy a Christmas Tree
  • 79 – No more debt free countdown posts
  • 78 – Act my wage
  • 77 – Pay cash for a second car
  • 76 – Get someone to help clean the house
  • 75 – Catch up on our favorite TV shows
  • 74 – Play my guitar more
  • 73 – Write up our will
  • 72 – More family time
  • 71 – Get Identity Theft Insurance
  • 70 – Climb a mountain
  • 69 – Come up with a new blog title
  • 68 – Facilitate a Financial Peace University class
  • 67 – Sponsor a Child
  • 66 – Tip more generously (i took Chad Wright’s philosophy. Tip Big, or stay home)
  • 65 – Get a new Bible
  • 64 – Follow through
  • 63 – Freeze the credit cards
  • 62 – Give someone a Christmas
  • 61 – Make Scott Team Jerseys
  • 60 – Save for a house – with a house shaped piggy bank
  • 59 – Go for a morning swim
  • 58 – Randomly and anonymously pay for someone’s meal
  • 57 – Run a marathon or just run
  • 56 – Pay with cash for everything
  • 55 – Open a Health Savings Account
  • 54 – Buy some Tom’s shoes
  • 53 – Start saving towards retirement
  • 52 – Host my own blog (been there, done that. I actually went back to for now)
  • 51 – Make it to Sunday meetings at church (stop working at Wegmans on Sunday)
  • 50 – Live like no one else
  • 49 – Loan money through
  • 48 – Wait for it
  • 47 – Subscribe to some good magazines
  • 46 – Get new glasses
  • 45 – Build a house through Habitat for Humanity
  • 44 – Take a friend to lunch
  • 43 – Plant a garden
  • 42 – Get a massage
  • 41 – More kids?!?!
  • 40 – Go green(er)
  • 39 – Buy board games
  • 38 – Get a new family portrait
  • 37 – Learn how to dance (the snoopy dance)
  • 36 – Get a hairstyle (this too is overrated!)
  • 35 – Take the kids on daddy dates (we started, but life got crazy with the addition of Lily)
  • 34 – Get wisdom
  • 33 – Remember the fallen (9/11)
  • 32 – Get the kids in some activities
  • 31 – ????
  • 30 – ????
  • 29 – Invest
  • 28 – Write a “How to”
  • 27 – Invent Something
  • 26 – Get away for a night
  • 25 – Rent a Mommy Helper
  • 24 – Quit Wegmans
  • 23 – Dream big
  • 22 – Start a business
  • 21 – Pick a team
  • 20 – Make a silly music video
  • 19 – Operation Christmas Child
  • 18 – Sleep soundly (I do, though sometimes I wonder why)
  • 17 – Lead worship
  • 16 – Drop the heavy burdens
  • 15 – Create the “Attention to Details” disease
  • 14 – Go to the dentist
  • 13 – Mail you some cash
  • 12 – Keep the change

If I Were Debt Free…#11-0

Learn How To Keep My Word -or- Learn How To Count

100 is a BIG number.  Have you ever tried to come up with 100 ideas for anything?  Have you done it while counting backwards?

Two years is a long time to keep up with something.  So is one year.  So is ten months.

I hope you can forgive me.  I’m pulling up short.  I tried hard, but I just couldn’t go the full 10 months or 100 ideas.

What I’m trying to say is….


If I Were Debt Free…#12

Keep the Change

After receiving our gift in the mail the other day, we decided to pay cash for our groceries.  By cash I mean the green stuff.  We always pay with money we have, but usually use a debit card.

My wife pointed out that it was kinda cool.  And since we’re almost out of debt, it was even better because we’re not going to be throwing our money at our credit cards anymore.

We might start paying for everything in cash.  The one thing though, is it has to have a very specific purpose.  Even though “it hurts more” paying with cash, I still could make it disappear faster then a magic trick.

ANYHOO, I’ve said all that already.  The idea I’m trying to get to is, if we start paying with cash, my wife thinks it would be a good idea to take the change (there’s always change) and put it in our piggy (currently the Operation Christmas Child Pig, OCCP for short).  We kinda already do that, but it would happen more often when we pay for everything in cash.  And to tag on another idea here, I think we’ll always designate the piggy for a purpose each month, so we’re always saving for something short term and beneficial to someone else.

Last Call:  Send in your idea for the 100 day debt free countdown!

If I Were Debt Free…#13

Mail You Some Cash

Once again we were blessed by Anonymous.  Thank you!  We were shocked when we received the gift of cash in the mail.

Forgive me if I’ve written about this already.  It’s hard to keep track of 100 ideas.

When I’m debt free, I might mail some cash anonymously to people that are struggling or making huge efforts to take care of their finances.  I don’t think the application form will be too strict. ;P

So, if you receive some cash in the mail…it wasn’t me.

Time is REALLY running out.  Send your ideas for the 100 day debt free countdown!

If I Were Debt Free…#14

Go To The Dentist

What I am about to say may be shocking.

I haven’t been to the dentist in 8-10 years.  I think it’s my mom’s fault.  For some reason, when I moved out, she stopped making my appointments.  What’s that?  Oh, you say that was my responsibility?

Well, I’m taking my 3 year old to the dentist tomorrow.  While I’m there I’m going to make an appointment to see Mr. Sunshine, Mr. Tickle, and Mr. Thirsty.  What fun!

Time is REALLY running out.  Send your ideas for the 100 day debt free countdown!

*Update: I made my appointment for 11/03

If I Were Debt Free…#15

Create A Disease

When I checked my email at work this morning, I saw a few responses from our developer about tweaks to this weeks releases.  Basically, he kept saying, “this is not a bug, this is a change request.  please submit a new ticket.”  I replied back, “this may not be a bug, but it is not a change request.  it is an ‘attention to detail‘ that should have been taken care of the first time around.”

Why do I feel like everyone who should be paying attention to detail doesn’t or can’t?  I feel like I’m usually “saving the day”.  Christina suggested that I take over the world.  Instead, what I will do when I’m debt free, is create a disease, “Detailius Severus“, that I will spread on people every where.  It will be an incurable infection of attention to detail.  Why a disease and not a cure, you ask?  Diseases are easy to catch and they are free.  Cures usually cost money and you have to go get them.

You have been warned.

Time is REALLY running out.  Send your ideas for the 100 day debt free countdown!